High School Information

high school history and social science classes

Complete List of High School History and Social Science Classes

Keep reading to learn more about high school history and social science classes available in the school’s curriculum and decide which classes will be suitable for your interest and your four-year high school plan!

high school math classes

Complete List of High School Math Classes

Read this guide to learn about math class offerings in high school, and to decide which high school math classes will be the best for you in the journey and your future career in college.

high school science classes

Complete List of High School Science Classes

Though each high school has a different curriculum and class options, below are the most common high school science classes you will see in your curriculum.

high school classes

A Complete List of All High School Classes

The ultimate list of all high school classes you will need!

ap and ib

Differences between AP and IB courses

Entering high school, students are introduced to AP and IB course options for college-level coursework. So, what’s the difference between AP and IB? What are the pros and cons for each? Keep reading!

business in high school

5 steps to start a business in high school

The Beginner’s Guide to starting a business in high school! 5 easy-to-follow steps you can implement today!

Pre-College Summer Programs

18 Pre-College Summer Programs for Students

Summer is only four months away, and Pre-College Summer programs admission are gradually opening!

international high school competitions

Infographic: High School Competitions to Boost Your Profile

Achievement in academics through participating in high school competitions is an essential part of college applications. In this article, we will discuss timeline of all competitions around the world, and details about their eligibility and deadlines.

choose classes in high school

How to choose classes in High School

This article is an overview of general high school graduation requirements with recommendations about selecting classes in high school.

four-year high school plan

How to create a Four-Year High School Plan

Keep reading to learn more about how students can effectively prepare for their college/university and career development in each grade, through a four-year high school plan

american high school curriculum

Guide to the American High School Curriculum

If you’re a rising high school student and want to learn more about the high school curriculum in American High Schools, keep reading!

k-12 system

United States Guide: The K-12 System

For students who are planning to study abroad in the U.S., this guide introducing the K-12 System is a great starting point to understand America’s unique education system.

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