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Matriculation Rates of Top 10 Boarding School in the United States

About this dataset

The matriculation rates provide current high school students with insights into their academic journey and plans for pathways to prestigious universities. 

Here is how we calculate the Matriculation Rate: Matriculation Rate = [(Number of Students Enrolled ÷ Number of Years) ÷ Number of 12th Graders] * 100%

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Data and information in this database come from the official websites of the 10 schools listed above: 

“Reference School Year” is the year in which each school’s official website discloses its data.

Since each school’s data spans different years, we have labeled the “Total Years” column to show details.

“Total 12th graders” is an estimate of the number of 12th graders in those schools each year.

Matriculation rates are rounded throughout.

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