Private Lessons

Achieve more with our one-on-one lessons​

Our private lessons are built with one goal in mind: student achievement
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Why should you choose our 1-on-1 private lessons?

Personalized lessons

Teachers adapt teaching methods to suit individual learning styles and goals, ensuring efficient progress

Flexible and convenient

Students have the flexibility to schedule lessons according to their own timetable.

Focused environment

Private lessons offer a focused and distraction-free setting, allowing students to concentrate fully

Continuous feedback

Our teachers provide constant feedback and communication with students throughout their learning journey

Over 100 academic subjects across 4 areas

By signing up for our private lessons, you will receive personally tailored sessions from your teacher of choice. Our teachers will make sure the lesson plan aligns with your personal goal and focuses on your area of improvement.

Private lessons are offered with

or any classes that you want to improve on, even though they’re not on our website!

Student awards

Our students have received awards from 70+ competitions worldwide
Congratulations to Aralia students for winning 5 Ocean Awareness Writing Contest awards!

Let's tailor your journey to success together!

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