Aralia Education Technology is an innovative online learning and tutoring platform for primary and secondary school students (Grades 1-12) around the world who seek a better learning experience and strive for academic excellence.

Aralia’s classes are not free, please contact us for further class and price information.

Aralia brings a top-notch online yet personal platform to students. Our teachers are current secondary school teachers and college professors. Our teachers provide personalized service to collaborate with students on their lifelong learning journeys

Our classes are separated into 4 categories: College Accelerator Program, Comprehensive Introduction to High School, Academic Empowerment Program, and Test Preparation Bootcamp. 

The comprehensive Introduction to High School program
delves into a variety of subjects to prepare students for high school. Classes include Reading & Writing, Academic Writing, Literary Analysis, Intro to Biology, Intro to Computer Science and so many more. 

We offer a variety of academic subjects in the Academic Empowerment Program, including, but not limited to, history, reading and writing, literature, French, Spanish, Latin, economics, public speaking, math, physics, biology, and chemistry.

In addition to teaching academic classes, we offer a variety of classes in the College Accelerator Program: ranging from Creating a Writing Portfolio, to Math Competition Preparation for AMC, providing opportunities to enrich students’ competitive strength when applying for college.

For students who are applying for college, we also offer a variety of test prep classes: Advanced Placement (Macroeconomics, US History, Calculus BC, Physics), standardized tests (ACT, SAT, SSAT, TOEFL)

All our classes are conducted online.

The teachers hired by Aralia Education are all rigorously selected from top American high school teachers and college professors. They have extensive teaching experience, are familiar with the American high school curriculum, and have experience teaching international student teaching.

In addition to regular class schedules, our teachers are actively involved in students' academic and professional development, providing advice on a range of topics from stress management to fine-tuning personal statements.


Typical class time ranges from 90-120 minutes per class, 1-3 classes per week. Depending on the classes, there will be a combination of group classes and one-on-one meeting times. However, if you need extra class hours, feel free to reach out to our teachers/consultants for guidance. 

Yes, you should communicate with the teacher in your class to reschedule. 

Yes. If you're interested in more than 1 course offered at Aralia, you can fill out the Learn More form above, and one of our consultants will reach out to you with more information. 

In the Academic Empowerment and College Accelerator programs, students generally do not need to purchase additional textbooks. Instructors will provide information on which materials will be used in the course 1 week before it begins.

In the Comprehensive Introduction to High School program, teachers create learning plans based on the Common Core, and Aralia Education will provide the required teaching materials.

One-on-one private lessons require students to provide information on which textbooks they are using at their current school for teachers to prepare more targeted lessons.

After most classes, teachers will assign homework to practice the material learned in class as well as to verify each student's understanding of the material. When providing the assignment, teachers will discuss the homework content with students. Each assignment will affect the experience of the next class. If a student can't complete the teacher's homework as scheduled, please email the teacher within 24 hours. After each class, the teacher's feedback will be emailed to parents and students. Aralia Education's headteacher will also regularly communicate with parents about their child's progress and situation.
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