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Our Story

Aralia Education Technology was created when passionate engineers and educators discovered a gap between students’ in-class achievements and online learning and explored the potential to deliver a program that blends traditional curriculums with personalized teaching guidance through online learning.

Aralia is an online tutoring platform that connects students and teachers around the world. Our instructors provide students very personalized education while helping them explore areas of personal interest. In addition to academic courses, Aralia offers students Academic Enrichment Programs, Research Programs, Competition Preparation, and Arts Portfolio Preparation to help students prepare for higher education and refine their skills in academic subjects that are not available at their school.

We strive to deliver the best online learning available to students around the world. Every student should have access to an education that empowers them to succeed. All parents deserve an equal chance to choose the best classes for their child’s needs. We combine innovative thinking, technology, and excellent teachers to create a personalized education that brings out each student’s very best.

Our Tutors

Aralia’s instructors are inspired teachers and professors who are committed to student success. They are recognized in their field or are currently teaching at top high schools and colleges/universities in the US.

Our teaching candidates typically go through a rigorous hiring process designed to offer multiple levels of review to give us the greatest insight into the qualifications.

Our teachers teach full-time at high schools and colleges across America; therefore, they understand students’ needs on an academic and personal level. They are committed to teaching academic lessons and various skills that students will need to excel in class and prepare for college.

Besides regular class schedules, our teachers are actively involved in students’ academic and professional development. Many students have received advice, from how to deal with stress to how to fine-tune their personal statement.

After every class, the teacher will send the course feedback, including a summary of the material covered, assigned homework, and student performance.  Our teachers constantly communicate with students during and outside the class, in order to better customize and adjust the course content and schedule. 

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Our Students

Aralia Education Technology is home to more than 300+ learners, who are students in top-ranked high schools across the globe: America, Australia, Canada, China and more. 


Cardigan Mountain School
Choate Rosemary Hall
Concord Academy
Cranbrook Schools
George School
The Hotchkiss School
Lawrence Academy
Middlesex School
Milton Academy
Miss Porter’s School
Phillips Academy Andover
St. Mark’s School
The Taft School
Thayer Academy
The Governor’s Academy
The Webb School

and 25 more high schools.

Australia, Canada & China

West Point Grey Academy – Canada
A.B.Paterson College – Australia
Shenzhen College of International Education(SCIE)
Nanjing Foreign Language School
Shanghai American School
Shanghai Dehong Chinese International School

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Greg — President & Founder

Working in the education field, Greg found the majority of parents and students had significant concerns about how to increase competitiveness for school and college applications. Aralia aims to help students achieve their study goals and provide courses focused on both school academics and advanced learning while closing the gap between students’ in-class achievements and online learning.

Prior to founding Aralia, Greg worked as the Director of Operations at Ivy Talent Education, an education consulting firm. Before Ivy Talent, Greg was a computer hardware design engineer focused on Signal Integrity and Power Integrity at Oracle and Sun Microsystems for more than 10 years.

Greg holds an MBA from Northeastern University as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University. With his background in education, business, and engineering, Greg is devoted to the continual improvement and development of Aralia’s online platform.

Elaine Formal Photo

Elaine — Course Consultant

Prior to her time at Aralia, Elaine was an Education Consultant at Ivy Talent Education, an independent education consulting firm based in Massachusetts. Before that, she worked as a teaching assistant for standardized tests at well-known education companies in China.

Elaine holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. With her STEM background, Elaine is very knowledgeable about engineering, math, and science and provides specialty consulting to students looking to focus on their development in these areas.

Connie — Course Consultant

Connie has over five years of education industry experience as both an English teacher and course consultant for secondary school students. Prior to her time at Aralia, Connie was an academic course consultant and coordinator at an international education company in the US. Before that, she worked as a classroom teacher teaching the high school curriculum at well-known education institutions in China.

Based on her working experience with secondary school students from the US, Canada, and China, she is very familiar with high-school courses and understands those students’ characteristics very well. As such, she is able to accurately match tutors with students according to tutors’ teaching styles and students’ personalities.

Connie holds a Master’s degree in Project Management and Bachelor’s degree in Leadership, both from Northeastern University. With her educational background, Connie is committed to helping students achieve their study goals related to competitions, contests, advanced learning beyond the high school curriculum, extracurricular activities, as well as school academics.

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