Quill and Scroll Writing, Visual, Multimedia Contest

The Quill and Scroll Writing, Visual, Multimedia Contest is an annual competition designed to recognize excellence in student journalism. The contest is all-digital, making it easy for students to submit their work online.
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Quill and Scroll Writing, Visual, Multimedia Contest

Competition Overview

Middle and high school students
$8 per entry
Entry fee
February 5, 2025, at midnight
Submission deadline
End of March 2025
Results and Winners Announcement

Competition Details

1. Categories

The contest includes categories in:

  • Writing: News Writing, DEI and Social Justice Writing, Feature Writing, Profile Writing, Staff Editorial Writing, Review Writing, Column Writing (Non-Sports and Sports), In-Depth Reporting, Sports Feature Writing, Sports Game/Event Coverage, Political Writing, Health, Science, and Agriculture Writing, Climate and Environment Writing, Newsletter Writing, and Beginning Writer.
  • Visuals: Breaking News Photography, Feature Photography, Sports Action Photography, Sports Reaction Photography, Photo Illustration, Photo Gallery, Profile or Environmental Portrait, Beginning Photographer, Editorial Cartoon, Informational Graphic, News Magazine Front Page Design, Newspaper Front Page Design, Features Page Design (Single Page and Two-Page Spread), Sports Page Design, Editorial Page Design, and Beginning Designer/Artist.
  • Multimedia: Video News Package and Video Sports Package.

2024 Winners


Shalhevet High School, Los Angeles, California


Francis Howell North High School, St. Chalres, Missouri


Prosper High School, Prosper, Texas

Submission Requirements

1. Entry Method

Digital submissions only

2. Submission Requirement

  • Each entry must include a single URL or folder/PDF link.
  • Work must have been published between February 2, 2024, and February 5, 2025.
  • No Google Docs for writing entries; ensure links are accessible.

3. Submission Process

  • Make a copy of the provided Google spreadsheet and rename it to include your school’s name.
  • Fill in the required information and select the payment method.
  • Enter the student names, category, and URL or file link for each entry.
  • Share the completed spreadsheet by the deadline

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