National Roman Civilization Exam

The National Roman Civilization Exam (NRCE) is designed to test a student's knowledge of ancient Roman society.

Competition Details

Introduction: The National Roman Civilization Exam (NRCE) tests students’ knowledge of ancient Roman society. This is a test on the history and culture of the ancient Romans from 753 BC to the end of the reign of Constantine the Great.

Competition Format: Students will answer 25 questions on Roman history and 25 questions on Roman civilization (5 difficult, 10 medium, 10 easy for each). 

Question breakdown: 

  • Approximately 25 questions on Roman history and 25 questions on Roman civilization (5 difficult, 10 medium, 10 easy for each)
  • Roman History: 5 Monarchy, 10 Republic, 10 Empire
  • Roman Civilization: clothing; living arrangement; food & meals; Roman theater; gladiatorial games; chariot races; religion; holidays and festivals; political and public career; roads; military; baths; geography; Roman slavery; travel & communication. (No more than 2 questions per topic).

Exam Date: 

  • Exam Registration: September 1 – October 25
  • Exam Administration: November 1 – December 10
  • These dates are for the 2023-2024 school year.

Awards will be divided into three levels, Novice (grades 8 and below), Intermediate (9 & 10), and Advanced (11 & 12)

Competition Website


This exam is generally meant for grades 6-12, but students of any grade level are allowed to participate.

Registration deadline

October 25, 2023

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