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Writing Competition Aralia Education

Writing Competition

The class will show a range of tools to learn the nuances of controlled, purposeful writing, including figurative language, effective structuring, and specific forms. Students will work directly with both literary and media texts as they plan and write their own. This class will help students prepare for the following competitions: NY Times Opinion Editorial, Write the World: Poetry, and the Ocean Awareness Contest.

U.S. Government, Politics, Business and Contemporary Events Aralia Education

U.S. Gov, Politics, Business, and Events

Students will learn important terminology and concepts and how these apply to the political process in the U.S. Students will learn basics about the U.S. Constitution, the relationship between the national government and the state governments; the three branches of the national government; the role of political parties, the media, and big business/corporations; lobbying, the role of money in politics, especially in electoral campaigns.

Public Speaking and Debate Aralia Education

Public Speaking and Debate

This Public Speaking and Debate class will offer the opportunity to speak and listen to others talk only as much as possible. We will alternate between learning the structure of different types of speeches and making presentations by one student to the rest of the class. After each speech by students, we will have a critique from the peers, and the teacher. They will also be required and coached on how to participate in the discussion and to critique their peers.

Introduction to Psychology Aralia Education

Introduction to Psychology

This course is an introduction to Psychology – what many describe as the science of the mind and behavior, concerned with how and why human beings do what they do. In some ways, this course is like a tasting menu at a fancy restaurant – you get the opportunity to try various aspects of various disciplines of this fascinating science and see which one(s) excites you. This course allows you to learn the basics in each of the major branches of psychology today.

Introduction to Economics Aralia Education

Introduction to Economics

This course will help students to interpret economic news and economic data profoundly. At the same time students will learn to form their own insights on economic issues. This course will provide a solid foundation for students who wish to study advanced economics in the future.

International Relations Aralia Education

International Relations

This course is a survey of a wide range of topics in international relations. The course will cover several widely used theories that explain recurring patterns in international relations, including Liberalism, Realism, Marxism, and Constructivism. The course will introduce institutions that have been pillars of the world order since World War II, such as the United Nations, the Bretton Woods monetary system, and the world trading system.

Historical Research and Writing Aralia Education

Historical Research and Writing

Through Historical Research and Writing, students will learn about choosing a topic, composing research questions, effective research methods, drafting, composing, and revising. These skills will be taught with an emphasis on historical research, allowing students to engage in analysis of primary and secondary sources, discover interesting insights in history, and partake in the active pursuit of understanding the importance of the historical study.

Create a Writing Portfolio Aralia Education

Creating a Writing Portfolio

In this course, students will write in different forms, including both fiction (prose/poetry) and non-fiction. By the end of the course, students will submit at least one of their writing pieces to either the Young Writers or Scholastic Arts writing competitions. They will have also built a varied writing portfolio.

computer science through programming

Computer Science Through Programming

Computer Science through Programming is a 3-course sequence that introduces students to critical thinking and problem solving with the fundamentals of programming, enabling them to decompose complex problems into elementary steps for practical implementation in a modern programming language. The courses incorporate research, theory, and practice to help reinforce the principles taught in each class.

Math Competition Preparation AMC/HMMT Aralia Education

Math Competition Preparation for AMC10

The course helps students fill in the knowledge gaps required for the AMC10 competitions. Students will learn the problem-solving strategies of AMC10 and AMC12. Via practice questions, real exam questions from past years, students will be more confident and prepared for the upcoming competitions.

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