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Art Portfolio Preparation Program

Art Portfolio Preparation Program

During this eight-week art portfolio preparation online course, students will carry out a series of drawing, design and three-dimensional projects that will promote creative investigation, experimentation with materials, risk-taking and critical dialogue. These creative practices will serve to engage students in a foundational experience, to develop intellectual and practical skills and elicit the confidence necessary to do so.

World history aralia education

World History

Students will learn an overview of history from 1500 years ago to the present, world cultural, political, and economic changes. The curriculum covers key world history content in grades 9 and 10. Emphasis will be placed on class discussion, note-taking, extended reading, divergent thinking debate, and research writing.

european history aralia education

European History

In this course, we will cover a period from the height of Ancient Greece to the middle of the sixteenth century, as we study the emergence of the first civilizations around modern day Europe and the trajectory of their development into Western society. We will examine the contributions of Greece and Rome and how they expanded their empires; how ideas are conceived, put into practice, and have social consequences; how and why their empires collapsed; how people and societies existed during the Middle Ages; how numerous cultures developed values and coexisted/clashed with others; and how a broken Europe, after several starts, reinvigorated itself with the Renaissance, and split again in the Reformation.

intro to spanish aralia education

Spanish II

Spanish II is intended to introduce students to the intermediate and advanced ideas of Spanish study. Emphasis will be placed on pronunciation, complex grammatical structures, vocabulary & more academic conversations. The course will also offer an approach to a well-rounded set of skills in listening, reading comprehension and writing. The course is taught by a native Spanish-speaking teacher.

intro to french aralia education

Intro to French

The French introductory course is an immersive course designed for students who have no French foundation. Students will focus on four aspects of language learning: speaking, writing, reading and listening.

intro to spanish aralia education

Intro to Spanish

Introduce students to the basic ideas of Spanish learning. The emphasis will be on pronunciation, basic grammatical structure, vocabulary, culture and basic dialogue. The course will also provide practice on listening, reading comprehension, speaking and writing.

chemistry aralia education


The course will survey various important skills found in high school chemistry courses, including honors, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) chemistry. Rather than focusing on just the concepts that students encounter during the first month of a chemistry course, we will skip around to the skills that truly distinguish the strongest students. An additional benefit of jumping from skills to skills is that students will gain a skill set that can be utilized at many different times throughout a future full-year chemistry class.

biology aralia education


Introduce student(s) to biology, focusing on biochemistry, cellular biology, genetics, DNA, and gene expression. Students should be able to discuss, display what they know/have learned through writing short reflections, and take short quizzes the next session. This is done to check that the student is comprehending and retaining the information. After completing this course, students should be able to apply newly learned concepts to classroom situations with ease.

Create a Writing Portfolio Aralia Education

English Literature

In this course, students will develop skills in critically reading literature. They will also practice writing skills, including how to write arguments to support claims about what they read. This class is ideal for any student who wishes to be prepared once school resumes in a high school English class.

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