Advantage Testing Foundation/Jane Street Math Prize for Girls

Advantage Testing Foundation/Jane Street Math Prize for Girls is the largest math prize for girls worldwide. Held annually at MIT each fall, this competition attracts around 250 young female mathematicians every year.
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Advantage Testing Foundation/Jane Street Math Prize for Girls

Competition Overview

Female, in 11th grade or below as of February 2024 (not graduating or starting full-time college before the contest), live in the US or Canada (US citizens/permanent residents abroad must contact organizers for documentation), and have taken the AMC 10 or AMC 12 exam in November 2023 for the 2023-2024 competition cycle.
Entry fee
May 31, 2024.
Submission deadline
October 6, 2024
Contest Date

Competition Details

1. Format
The contest features 20 challenging problems to be solved in 2.5 hours, testing mathematical creativity and insight. Answers will be numerical, covering high-school-level topics without including calculus.

2. AMC Points

When applying, fill in at least one AMC 10/12 score; include both if taken. Also, add any 2024 AIME or 2023 Math Prize for Girls scores. After the June deadline, contestants above the cutoff for any qualifying exam are invited. Low scores in additional exams won’t negatively impact the application if another score is above the cutoff. Provide all scores as cutoffs are determined post-application.

3. Prizes
The Math Prize for Girls awards $100,000 in monetary prizes, including a $50,000 prize for first place.

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