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national latin exam

National Latin Exam Prep

The National Latin Exam Prep helps students prepare for three levels of the exam: Intro to Latin Exam and Beginning Latin, Intermediate Latin Exam and Intermediate Reading Comprehension, and Advanced Prose Exam and Advanced Poetry. Courses will be arranged according to the NLE Official Course Reference and will vary based on student needs. Students will receive one-to-one or group lessons.

intro to business competition

Intro to Business Competition

Aspiring entrepreneurs will learn to create, promote, and market a company to win over the judges in a Business Competition. Intro to Business Competition course is designed and taught by an M.B.A. professor and judge of graduate Business Pitch competitions. Topics include the differences between start-ups and small businesses, business ideation, designing business plans, environmental scanning, raising capital, developing budgets, establishing organizational structure, marketing and promotion strategies, persuasive sales pitches, and pitch-decks.

literary novel analysis

Literary Novel Analysis

In this Literary Novel Analysis class, students will learn strategies to help strengthen reading and writing skills. Students will practice analyzing and discussing an advanced novel (And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie). Students will also receive additional training on literature analysis, essay planning and drafting, annotating, rhetoric, and in writing literary citations

reading and writing

Reading and Writing Skills

In this course you will learn strategies to help strengthen your reading and writing skills. You will practice analyzing and discussing advanced texts and feel more confident writing your English papers.

the concord review prep

(TCR) The Concord Review Prep

The Concord Review Prep invites an outstanding teacher who has served as a writing tutor for The Concord Review for many years. Students will have one-on-one sessions with the teacher to prepare for their essays. Contact us for more information about the course!

advanced psychology

Advanced Psychology

Advanced Psychology is for students who have taken Introduction to Psychology and are interested in a more comprehensive/in-depth examination of abnormal psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology. Case examples and stimulating learning activities will be employed to make the study of psychology come alive to help students better understand themselves and the people around them.

john locke essay competition prep

John Locke Essay Competition Prep

In this John Locke Essay Competition Prep course, students will learn the ins and outs of essay writing, in preparation for entering the competition. We offer prep classes in three categories: Junior, History, and Law. Students will choose one topic, compose an original thesis and argument, and write an essay for submission. Students will engage in a guided analysis of primary and secondary sources, develop critical thinking skills, and discover interesting insights. In addition to the group lecture classes, students will receive guidance on their individual projects from the instructor, in one-on-one sessions.

HIR Academic Writing Contest

HIR Academic Writing Contest Prep – Economics Category

Students will use college-level economic theory and models to analyze economic issues of major significance today, connected to international affairs. The instruction will provide students with the tools necessary to write an 800-1,200 word essay, which can then be submitted to the Harvard International Review Academic Writing Contest. The class will guide students to integrate their acquired knowledge of economic theory, phenomena, data, and policy, and to apply this knowledge to studying a topic shaping the world today, based on the theme of “Globalization vs. Isolation.” Students will gain the analytical tools to make informed policy recommendations for how to best address the economic issues raised in their article.

College Application Essay Bootcamp

College Application Essay Bootcamp

Students will learn how to write college application essays. During the first two group sessions, students will be shown examples of strong and weak essays, in addition to given guidance on how to write the Common Application Essay, the “Why School” Essay, and the UC Application Essay. Following the two group sessions, students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the teacher.

International Relations

International Relations Research Project

Under the guidance of the professor, students will write a 15-page paper on the topic of international relations; examples of research topics: What is globalization? How do we measure it? What are the pros and cons of globalization? What is the best way to reduce government corruption? Use the data of Transparency International, select a country and write a report, etc.

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