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6 High School Writing Competition Examples (2)

Writing competition aralia education 2
In part 2, we introduce three new works: nonfiction, songwriting, and parody from three students. Be inspired by our five students' work submitted for the writing competition.

4. Nonfiction

Thriving Through Chains

writing competition 3

Five days out of the week I wear red ties on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, blue ones on Tuesday and Thursday. 6:45 is the time I get up; 7:20 is the time I sprint to breakfast; from 8:05 to 2:20, I run through my daily classes; and back to my bed again at 9:30. Looking back at my schedule, I believe that these are the chains that education brings me, which a machine can manage even better than I do. There is a disconnect in sixth form education between the joy of learning and curiosity because the need to get a good grade is somehow more important to us all. I tend to believe that only by remembering that education can be fun can we start to absorb knowledge and break these chains we believe are hindering us.

At some point in your life, I’m positive you’ve made something that inspired you, that was profound and exciting and that reflected in some way who you would become as you grew up. I want to show you how the curiosity of a child can be harnessed when we get older, and that a creative mind should always be nurtured. I am thrilled to present to you today a story about how I extended my knowledge from books and classes into my life, which enabled me to develop aspirations from a very very young age. These aspirations are those that now push me to be a better student. As we continue to deal with stress and anxiety, items that make us feel chained down, as we learn and move towards our life goals, it is important to look back on the parts of ourselves that have brought us here and to reflect and remember the joys of learning.

It was about a decade ago, I was an adorable primary school student who imagined the possibility of becoming an astronaut when I grew up. I was full of curiosity towards the dark night sky even though I couldn’t really see anything from my window. I immersed myself in the new concepts of science at that age because I was beginning to develop future goals for myself. I had a vision of becoming someone great. 

Once I got a chemistry book that basically explained how this planet works in the vision of a chemist. Through the photographs in the book, I was able to see the unique characteristics of a lab that came with being a scientist. The gas mask shocked me as soon as I stepped into this book. I started to consider the construction of a laboratory in my house right inside the left side corner where Mom and Dad had established a babysitting room for me when I was even younger.

 In this small room, which is 3 by 3 meters in size, the first thing I had to do was to get rid of all those board notes for my early education, and I got a box of medical gloves right away. When I carefully put these gloves on, I felt as if I were becoming a real scientist. 

Then I bought an air blower which is supposed to be used for barbeque cooking, but it now stood in the position as a professional lab-use air dryer. After my father sent me my first stereoscopic microscope, which was quite professional, I started to operate my lab. I invited friends to this small space to do complicated experiments, to compose soap, which was the base of sodium hydroxide. And in the meanwhile, I was still intending to expand my lab. 

My father satisfied literally all of my needs. And my uncle, who is a professional scientist in the field of nanoparticles, evaluated the conditions of my lab, and he claimed that the ventilating system was terrible because there was none. With their help eventually, I made huge progress and my science lab became a working space. 

About half a decade ago, in a room which was supposed to be a personal laboratory, my passions experienced a significant turning point. I started to collect paper bills from countries around the world, and further expanded to the collection of ancient money. In other words, I was moving from a scientist to a collector, and the ‘chains’ that might have bound others were beginning to move with my interests. They were becoming a part of me, and because of that, were not restricting me. I analyzed the different formats of these collections and tried to deeply understand the fundamental knowledge of antique appraisal. Moving in between boxes of my new collections, I found that this small room was enriched with all of my interests. After I discovered these precious products, I showed every guest who came for a visit to my place, exhibited these shining surfaces on the amphora to them, or the curves under the heavy coin. I wanted to tell them how honored I was to get a deep connection to those old, prosperous ancient civilizations; I wanted to inform them that they could be involved with something that they dreamed about, even though they weren’t professional experts yet. I know now looking back at my young self that I was beginning to plant the seeds of my future.

Thirty years from now, I will look at the faces of my own children that look exactly like mine did when I was their age, and I will share my memories of how I found ways to break the chains and make them useful to my life. I know that they too will feel the burden of education, so I want them to learn to have dreams and to put them into a room where those dreams can thrive. I will tell my children that once I had a room that fulfilled my purpose and motivated me, and this room also showed me the benefit of following my passions, of taking my dreams and making them realities. I want to tell them that the joy in this room has become such a big part of who I am. When they grow up and find their positions in society, they will carry a lot of stress on their shoulders and will want to have a break. I will encourage them to find moments that make learning fun for them. I believe everyone has a tiny room that is filled with little secrets and possibilities.

My fellow students, I am also reminding you to try to locate your own memories at moments when you might forget what motivates you, what the purpose of all this education is in your life. I believe that education truly makes you become who you are, that these chains are not meant to burden us; they should enable students to become whatever we hope to be. And just like with my children in the future, I hope that every single one of you too can find your own little room to cultivate your curiosity, breaking these chains, which will bring you great joy.

5. Songwriting

In Your Dreams*


In your dreams is where you’ll find me,
you will never have to worry
In your dreams is where…


There’s distance between us
But I’m still thinking bout you
And what you’re doing
I’m imagining them curves
Seeing your worth
Natural you’re right down to earth

Yeah your melanin be popping 
And I know we speaking often
Making the kid really soften
This don’t happen to me often

We bounce off each other,
You’re the only one that’s catching my vibe,
An African queen
constantly beautiful like evergreen
laying those edges down with vaseline
slaying the whole game


In your dreams is where you’ll find me
you will never have to worry
(don’t worry x3)


Wishing that you were here 
but I know ill see you later in the eve 

But we gotta be 
where we gotta be 
and if that means only catching you in my dreams,
cause your intelligence is perfect
and we speak bout different topics
making the kid really soften
this don’t happen to me often

I’m loving your style
cause you know to how it work it out (out out)

I’m imagining them lips
those soft lips, oh yes i do miss
Oh yes I do miss


in your dreams is where you’ll find me
you will never have to worry

(don’t worry x3)


In your dreams is where you’ll find me x2
In your dreams is where you’ll find…


in your dreams is where you’ll find me
you will never have to worry
(don’t worry x3)

6. Satire and Parody

Does History Have Its Eyes on Us?

Writing competition aralia education

In light of the events of 2020, university campuses all over the country are calling for a change to the common core – to replace Shakespeare with Hamilton: the musical within the cannon! This ever important piece of historical theatre touches on several important issues that have rooted themselves into the conflicts we see on television. Controversial issues such as the responses to the coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement have allowed the message in Hamilton to become relevant, educational and ultimately: American

With 2020 came COVID-19 and with that came the splendid response of world leaders. President Trump has repeatedly assured the public of the magnitude of the US response with reassuring quotes like “We have it totally under control” and “We’re prepared and we’re doing a great job with it.” 

These words of reassurance and encouragement put Americans at ease despite the fact that corona virus cases have risen above 3.5 million. The Trump White House has repeatedly belittled the virus by likening to the flu or dismissed the threat of it altogether. 

One White House correspondent even went so far as to say, “The New York Times may report 140,000 deaths, but we know that is fake news because the CDC hasn’t even made that many coronavirus test kits.” From this piece of evidence, it is obvious that the death toll is greatly misguided and exaggerated in the media. The New York Times especially cannot be trusted. 

This brings us happily back to Hamilton. George Washington warns Hamilton in song that History Has Its Eyes On You. The US response to corona, led by the self-proclaimed scientist/president Trump, will be analyzed by historians in years to come, will it be remembered for its intricate planning and execution?

The Black Lives Matter movement also became more widely known in 2020 after the unjust murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. Hamilton touches on these issues of racism and other related issues with lines in songs like “we’ll never be free until we end slavery.” 

Yet some Americans believe the movement suppresses other races. An outspoken 45-year old white woman named Karen Smith who resides in Nashville said on Fox News, “Why is Black Lives Matter such a big movement? It is racist to just call out one race and not care about all the other races. All lives matter, not just black ones. America has done so much for black people with the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement and what not. Ya’ll need to chill on the looting. The police have the right to arrest and tear gas these awful criminals.” 

Clearly, a growing number of Americans believe that Black Lives Matter makes us all forget the real truth of our times, that:  All Lives Matter. Black people have been treated with nothing but respect since the end of the Civil War. They got their freedom! They have nothing to complain about. Right?


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