Aralia Students Won 3 National Gold Medals and 1 National Silver Medal in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!

This prestigious competition honors creative works from students across North America. Learn more about these incredible achievements, the students' dedication, and Aralia's commitment to excellence in nurturing young talent. Read on for more information!
Aralia Student Achievements

Aralia Academy celebrated students winning 106 state-level awards in the 2023-24 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in April. Recently, national-level results were announced, and Aralia students secured 3 National Gold Medals and 1 National Silver Medal.

Scholatic Art and Writing Gold Medal
Scholatic Art and Writing Gold Medal 2
Scholatic Art and Writing Gold Medal 3
Scholatic Art and Writing Silver Medal
About Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is a prestigious competition for North American students aged 13 and above, from grades 7-12. The competition, which starts accepting entries every September, evaluates works at the regional level before advancing Gold Key winners to the national level. National awards include Gold Medals, Silver Medals, and Scholarship Awards.

For more information, visit the official website.

Past Achievements

2021-22: 46 awards (1 National Silver, 8 Gold Keys, 21 Silver Keys, 16 Honorable Mentions)
2022-23: 84 awards (3 National Awards, 25 Gold Keys, 26 Silver Keys, 30 Honorable Mentions)
2023-24: 110 awards (4 National Awards, 41 Gold Keys, 26 Silver Keys, 39 Honorable Mentions)

Upcoming Classes

For students preparing for the next Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and other writing contests, Aralia offers several courses, including:

  • Scholastic Writing Competition June Class – Flash Fiction & Short Story
  • Scholastic Writing Competition September Class – Humor & Memoir
  • New York Times & Foyle Poetry Writing Competition Class
  • HIR Economics Summer Class
  • HIR Political History Summer Class 


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