Aralia Celebrates 3 Students Winning Awards in the New York Times Student Editorial Contest 2022!

Aralia Celebrates 3 Students Winning Awards in the 2022 New York Times Student Editorial Contest!
We are thrilled to announce that three of our Aralia students have achieved outstanding results in the 2022 New York Times Student Editorial Contest. With a winning rate of only 0.49%, our students have proven their exceptional writing abilities and dedication to academic excellence.
Aralia Student Results

With the guidance of our writing competition tutor, three students have demonstrated exceptional writing skills and critical thinking abilities, earning them 3 Honorable Mentions in this prestigious competition.

The 2022 New York Times Student Editorial Contest was incredibly competitive, with 16,664 students worldwide participating. Of all the participants, only 82 students won awards (Winner, Runner-up, or Honorable Mention), including three Aralia students.

This achievement is particularly significant given the fierce competition, with only 0.49% of all participants receiving awards. We are incredibly proud of our students for their hard work, dedication, and exceptional writing skills, which allowed them to stand out among the thousands of submissions received.

About New York Times Student Editorial Contest

New York Times invited students to write short, evidence-based persuasive essays through the New York Times Students Editorial Contest. Students can choose a topic of interest, gather evidence from sources within and outside The NY Times and write a concise editorial (450 words or fewer) to convince readers of their view. The Editorial should focus on a topic that matters to students, cite reliable sources that illustrate different perspectives, and persuade readers of the student’s opinions. Last year, the competition reached a peak of 16,664 submissions, about 5,000 more than ever before.

Competition time: March 2-April 13, 2022

Suitable for students: 11-19-year-old middle school/high school students from all over the world

At Aralia, our writing competition tutors are committed to guiding and supporting our students in various writing competitions. This summer, our tutors will continue to offer their expertise and guidance to help our students submit their best work, hoping to achieve more outstanding results. Our writing competition tutors have extensive experience guiding students in the New York Times Student Editorial Contests and have helped our students win awards in many other writing competitions such as the Scholastic and Ocean Awareness Contest.


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