Celebrating Our Students’ Success: HIR Harvard International Review Essay Contest Awards Aralia Students!

HIR Harvard International Review Essay Contest Awards Aralia Students!
We are thrilled to announce the results of the Winter 2022 HIR Harvard International Review Essay Competition. We proudly celebrate our students' success and outstanding writing skills. This achievement is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and talent. Congratulations to our winners!
Aralia Student Results

Among our Aralia classmates, we have some exceptional winners

2 students have won the Gold Award
2 have won the Silver Award
1 has won the Bronze Award

In addition, our students have also received 11 High Commendations and 4 prizes of the Outstanding Writing Style Awards!
We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to each of these students for their outstanding achievements. The students have been working hard to refine their writing skills, so we are delighted to see them recognized for their talent. We look forward to seeing more of our students accomplish great things in the future.

About Harvard International Review Academic Writing Contest

Competition introduction: The Harvard International Review Academic Writing Contest is a prestigious competition encouraging young students to study and engage with international issues. Organized by the Harvard International Review, the competition is judged by a panel of esteemed journal editors and Harvard scholars. The magazine has published reviews of 43 presidents and prime ministers, 4 secretaries-general, 4 Nobel Prize winners in economics, and 7 Nobel Peace Prize winners, making it a highly respected platform for young writers to showcase their skills and knowledge. By participating in this competition, students can develop their academic writing skills and gain recognition for their work on a global stage.

Competition format: The Harvard International Review Academic Writing Contest is open to high school students in grades 9-12 worldwide. The competition invites students to submit a short essay on a topic related to international affairs, which will be graded by the editors-in-chief of Harvard International Review.

If selected as a finalist, students defend their work in an online HIR Finals event. During HIR Defense Day, students will deliver a 15-minute presentation and oral defense to a panel of esteemed Harvard International Review judges.

Submissions must be in English and must use traditional American spelling. This competition is an excellent opportunity for high school students to showcase their academic writing skills, gain recognition for their work on a global stage, and engage with important issues in international affairs.

2023 Writing Theme: Technological Advancement and the World

Submission Guidelines:
Articles must be around 800-1200 words long, excluding figures, data tables, or authorship statements. The writing style should provide an analytically supported perspective on an underappreciated global topic.
It’s important to note that HIR does not accept op-eds or opinion pieces. As a journalistic organization, HIR requires submissions to follow the latest version of AP Style. Submissions are also required to be culturally sensitive, fact-checked, and respectful.

Eligibility: High school students in grades 9-12 attending school in the United States or other countries

Prizes: Finalists will be eligible to receive a medal and an HIR certificate, and have the opportunity to showcase their work on the HIR website and win a print subscription to HIR.


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