Aralia Students Won the Third Prize in the New York Division of the National History Day

Aralia Students Won the Third Prize in the New York Division of the National History Day
Our Aralia students have achieved significant achievements in the National History Day competition. With a commitment to academic excellence and a passion for learning, our students have been recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions. We are thrilled to celebrate their success and look forward to seeing more of our students accomplish great things in the future.
Aralia Student Results

National History Day: One student has won the third prize in the New York Division, a remarkable achievement that reflects their hard work, dedication, and passion for learning.

About the National History Day

National History Day is a not-for-profit educational organization headquartered in College Park, Maryland, that offers year-long academic programs to over half a million middle and high school students worldwide. The program allows students to conduct and publish original research on historical topics, focusing on research, interpretation, and creative expression.

More than 500,000 students participate in the National History Day Competition each year, choosing a historical topic related to the year’s theme and conducting the primary and secondary research. Students visit libraries, archives, and museums, conduct oral history interviews, and visit historical sites to gather information.

After analyzing and interpreting sources and drawing conclusions about the topic’s significance, students can present their work in one of the five ways: essay, exhibition, performance, documentary, or website. This program offers students the chance to develop their critical thinking skills, research abilities, and creativity, while also gaining recognition for their work on a national level.


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