LSESU Economics Society Essay Competition

LSESU Economics Society Essay Competition invites students to write an essay responding to questions spanning political economy, the financial sector, and macroeconomics. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their analytical skills and economic insights.
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LSESU Economics Society Essay Competition

Competition Overview

High school seniors from around the world
Entry fee
July 30, 2024
Submission deadline
Early September
Results Announcement

Competition Details

1. Questions
There are a total of 6 questions: 

  • The Financial sector deals with a significant moral hazard, since portfolio managers cannot be held accountable for poor investment performance. This is often used as justification for higher pay and bonuses in the finance sector. With reference to this, what is the impact of bonus caps on the financial sector? 
  • How does the adoption of AI technology affect differences in rates of development across nations? 
  • Do election cycles affect economic policy making and financial markets? 
  • What are the economic effects of gentrification on urban communities?
  • How can micro financing affect climate refugees in developing countries?
  • Should social welfare maximization be the focus of all policy-making efforts? 

2. Judging Criteria
Each submission is evaluated in 4 areas: 

  • Originality
  • Quality of argument
  • Writing quality 
  • Strength of evidence

3. Prizes
The three best essays will receive a £100 Amazon gift card and award certificates. The best essay for each question will receive one of the special prizes below (Book and signed certificates): 

  • Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides Prize
  • Professor Silvana Tenreyro Prize
  • Professor Sir Tim Besley Prize
  • Professor Mark Schankerman Prize
  • Professor Oriana Bandiera Prize
  • Professor Sir Richard Laylard Prize

Submission Requirements

  • Entries must be in English with a word limit of 1,500 and a font size of 12 – Times New Roman
  • Each entrant can only respond to one question
  • All sources must be cited, and students can use any commonly used citation styles 

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