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Economics Research Scholar Program

Showcase your passion and commitment in Economics through conducting research with well-published professors in college
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More than 2,800 students have taken classes at Aralia

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Why choose Aralia Economics Research Scholar Program?

Through a dynamic blend of interactive lectures and collaborative projects, participants will engage in rigorous academic study and hands-on practical experiences.
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College-level publication

Prepare for scholarly publication by honing your research skills and selecting only the highest quality work for submission.

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Proven edge in college admission

Demonstrate your commitment to academic excellence and scholarly pursuits in economics through joining our program.

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Skill development

Develop soft and hard skills essential for college success, including critical thinking, analytical reasoning, communication, taand collaboration.

Find the right track for you

Economics Essentials Track

For students who are new to economics. Students will develop a robust understanding of fundamental economic theories, hone practical research skills, delve into data analysis and interpretation techniques, and engage in rigorous policy analysis.

Economics Scholar Track

For students who have taken economics classes and want to publish a college-level economics research paper. Selected students embark on a journey to delve deeper into research methodology while learning more about economic topics.

Program Timeline

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Publication Support

After completing the Economics Scholar Program, students will be guided by professor and writing coach to submit their research paper to various publications.

Note: The teacher and course consultant will provide guidance and support throughout the submission process, but acceptance of submissions is subject to the discretion of the respective publications.

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Deadline is May 15, 2024!
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