Omnibus Magazine Gladstone Memorial Essay Prize

Published biannually in March and September, Omnibus Magazine is dedicated to promoting Classics to students and teachers worldwide. The magazine hosts two competitions, one of which is the Omnibus Magazine Gladstone Memorial Essay Prize. In this competition, students are invited to write an essay in response to one of the competition topics.
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Competition Overview

Students under 19 years old (read below for more details)
Entry fee
July 7, 2024
Submission deadline
Gladstone Memorial Essay Prize
Competition Information

Competition Details

1. Eligibility
The competition is open to anyone under 19 and still in full-time education who has not yet complete A levels or IB.

1. Competition Topics
In this competition, students are invited to write an essay that must not exceed 2000 words. There are topics for students to choose from: 

  • Were the ancient Olympic Games more significant to the ancient Greek world than the modern Olympic Games are to our world today?
  • Why does the the Trojan War provide such fertile ground for modern retellings? You may discuss more than one modern retelling of a Trojan War story.
  • How important was Athenian drama for their democratic values in ancient Athens?
  • How shocking do you think the poems of either Catullus or Ovid would have been to their ancient audiences?
  • ‘Women had more influence in Roman society in the Republic than under the Principate.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  • Which one piece of artwork (ancient or modern art or sculpture) do you think best captures the telling of a classical myth which you have read? Justify your answer with reference to at least two other pieces of artwork depicting the same myth.
  • ‘The public should be kept at a distance from our most treasured ancient sites.’ How do we both protect and celebrate our ancient cultural heritage?
  • Was Constantine great?

2. Entry Requirement
Upon submitting an entry, students are required to submit a statement from a teacher containing the teacher’s e-mail address confirming that the student is in full-time pre-university education. 

3. Submission
Entries should be submitted as e-mail attachments, preferably in Microsoft Word format, to In addition, please give your name, school and email address on your essay, and keep a copy for yourself

4. Prize
The first prize stands at £200, the second at £100.

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