Day: January 22, 2021

ap macroeconomics

AP Macroeconomics

The purpose of AP Exam prep course is to equip AP Macroeconomics students to excel on the 2021 AP Macroeconomics exam. You will develop a profound understanding of the economic concepts, and the ability to define, analyze and explain economic principles and models.

ap united states history

AP United States History

In AP United States History (APUSH), students will review key content concepts and course objectives found in the APUSH course description through writing long essay questions (LEQ), document-based question essays (DBQs), and short answer questions (SAQs). Furthermore, students will practice using historical thinking skills tested on the exam by answering stimuli-based multiple choice questions and through their written responses.

ap calculus bc

AP Calculus BC

Improve your AP score with this AP Calculus BC course. Taught by an experienced AP Calculus teacher from Hotchkiss School, the course will review the important knowledge in the exam. In addition, the teacher will cover multiple-choice questions and free-response questions.

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