Writing competition aralia education 1

6 High School Writing Competition Examples (1)

From poetry to prose, creativity is unlimited regardless of forms and medium. Be inspired by our five students’ work in the writing competition, ranging from poetry, short-fiction to non-fiction!

duolingo english test

Take the Duolingo English Test (DET) Today!

A comprehensive guide to the Duolingo English Test (DET) for test-takers who’re looking for an alternative to TOEFL & IELTS

8 stem competition for high school students

8 STEM Competitions for High School Students

For high school students who’re pursuing STEM fields for college, participating in STEM competitions is crucial for college application. Among many international and American STEM competitions, what are the ones worth paying attention to?

AMC Logo

The Comprehensive Guide to AMC: American Mathematics Competitions

In this guide, we have everything you need to know about AMC: American Mathematics Competitions (AMC10 & AMC12) for both domestic and international students

3 awesome art portfolio ideas

3 Art Portfolio Ideas by a RISD Professor

Inspirations for art portfolio from a RISD professor, who’re currently teaching at our Aralia Art Portfolio Preparation Program. Be inspired and complete your portfolio before the deadline!

diamond challenge aralia education

Beginner’s Guide to Diamond Challenge

For students interested in Business and Entrepreneurship, Diamond Challenge is the perfect opportunity to gain experience and knowledge about the business world!

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