american high school curriculum

Guide to the American High School Curriculum

If you’re a rising high school student and want to learn more about the high school curriculum in American High Schools, keep reading!

k-12 system

United States Guide: The K-12 System

For students who are planning to study abroad in the U.S., this guide introducing the K-12 System is a great starting point to understand America’s unique education system.

ten-minute play contest

Princeton University Ten-Minute Play Contest

For students with an interest in playwriting, the Princeton University ten-minute Play Contest will boost their college application and make them stand out!

entrepreneurship competitions

7 High School Entrepreneurship Competitions

Introducing the top 7 entrepreneurship competitions that students should pay attention to and potentially apply!

writing portfolio for college

Expert Guide: Writing Portfolio for College

Take a closer look into how to create your own writing portfolio for college admission from high school.

research process

8 Steps in the Research Process

If you have a research idea you want to explore further, consider the following 8 steps in the Research Process to write an effective research paper.

mistakes in art portfolios

5 common mistakes in Art Portfolios

Understanding these 5 commons mistakes in art portfolios will help you from making similar mistakes.

art schools in america

Top 11 Art Schools in America

We collected the list of 10 best undergraduate art schools in America, taking into consideration tuition, acceptance rate and after-graduation statistics.

high school students interested in art

4 Ways To Be Involved in Art in High School

So, you’re high school students interested in art and want to explore more about the field? This article will discuss 4 ways for high school students to be involved in making art, from traditional art to digital art.

ap physics 1

5 AP Physics 1 Resources For Students

The ultimate list of resources you should check out to nail your AP Physics 1 exam coming up next May!

5 tips for studying ap exam

4 Steps to Study for The 2021 AP Test

It’s recommended students should prepare and manage their course load ahead of time before the examination in May 2021. In this guide below, we will cover different tips for you to study and successfully nail the AP tests.

Writing competition aralia education 2

6 High School Writing Competition Examples (2)

In part 2, we introduce three new works: nonfiction, songwriting, and parody from three students. Be inspired by our five students’ work submitted for the writing competition.

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