American Computer Science League

The American Computer Science League (ACSL) has been organizing computer programming and computer science contests for K-12 schools, organizations, and local groups for 45 years. With over 700 teams from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia participating the previous year, ACSL offers multiple divisions to challenge students of varying ages and abilities.

Competition Details

Introduction:  The American Computer Science League offers competitions in multiple divisions, dividing each season into four contests. Students will be tested on fundamental concepts in computer science, including programming. ACSL’s contests are administered online, with team advisors facilitating access and online resources available to help prepare students. At the end of the year, top students are invited to compete in an online Finals competition. 

Divisions: Senior, Intermediate, Junior, Classroom, and Elementary. Each division covers similar topics but different levels of difficulty, so students can join more than one division. 

  • Senior Division: Best for high school students with programming experience, especially those taking AP Computer Science. 
  • Intermediate Division: Best for high school students with little or no programming experience and for advanced junior high students.
  • Junior Division: Best for junior high and middle school students learning to program or coding experience. No student beyond grade 9 may compete in the Junior Division. 
  • Classroom Division: Open to students in all grades. Ideally suited for students taking AP Computer Science Principles, and other computer science classes without a major programming component.
  • Elementary Division: for students grades 3-6

Cost: $150 (Elementary Division costs are $100 and $50) 

Resource for students: Previous year’s contests and online versions of previous years’ problems

Competition Website: ACSL


Elementary to High School Students

Registration deadline

December 31, 2023

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