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10 daily problems that high school students can turn into a business

10 Daily Problems That High School Students Can Turn Into a Business

Aralia staff members have curated a list of daily problems to inspire and motivate you to launch a business. Great businesses start from an idea, and great business owners can begin with you. Below are examples of the top 10 daily problems that high school students can turn into a business.

What will be covered in the article?

1. Daily Problem: Sometimes you want to shop for clothing online but are not sure where to go

We all have that time when we want to shop for clothing, but we are not sure which stores match our aesthetics and style as well as the price range and quality we are looking for. A potential solution for business can be creating a community app that provides information about online clothing stores, their reviews from the community, and an affiliate link to the website itself. The app can have an updated database for the brand items’ availability and size to find the right match. 

2. Parking lots across the U.S. are underutilized and under-monetized

This is the business idea that we found on Reddit.com, where the user suggests monetizing private parking lots. Where they live, there are many parking lots and places that could be parking lots (vacant spots in the lots of churches, schools, etc.) that are underutilized and under-monetized by their owners. There must be a better way to help these owners do lot enforcement, payment collection, visitor registration, and customer support.

3. Students don’t know who to sit with during lunchtimes

There is a dilemma that new students or students who don’t fit into specific categories in school society, lunchtime can be horrible because everyone seems to belong to a certain group or groups, and no one wants to sit alone. A potential solution that can scale is creating a platform for students who sit alone, or a group of students interested in inviting new people to their lunch table. The platform allows the group to signal that their table is available and how many seats are available, and students can sign up and sit with them during lunchtimes. 

4. Solo travelers who want to connect with other travelers

There are millions of solo travelers around the world every day. Solo traveling can be fun and exciting, but how about solo traveling and meeting other travelers on the way. Maybe you can explore the city together or go on adventures together. You can’t imagine the different backgrounds travelers come from, and connecting two strangers can create unforgettable memories and experiences. After all, we are not really strangers. We wish there were a platform or an app to connect travelers based on the destination, languages spoken, and personal information. 

5. There is healthy yet expensive food out there, how about making it healthy and cheap?

This problem is suggested by Feras Antoon Reports, stating a problem with food: tasty and healthy food is not cheap. The rate of obesity and heart problems is still on the rise, while healthy, tasty, and cheap foods are “as rare as stumbling on an endangered species”. The world of technology leads to convenience, leading to the increased demands for fast food and fast meals. If anyone can find a way to make cheap, healthy, and tasty foods the norm, the world will be a much better place.  

6. There is no delivery service in the suburban or rural areas

If you live in suburban or rural areas, chances are delivery services are going to be very limited and/or fail to provide their services to people. This problem can inspire you to create a small business where you recruit people who are available and willing to run errands, pick up takeouts, or go grocery shopping for other people. The setup can be as simple as a website with a calendar and availability of drivers, and users’ requests.

7. You want to travel to places but don’t have time to research logistics and to-do lists

After the situation with the global pandemic improves, there will be a rising demand for traveling. One issue people have with traveling is not even with the traveling, but for the planning. Besides traditional attractions and tours, young people are looking for nontraditional travel coordination. If you are good at planning and exploring unique places such as restaurants or experiences, considering creating a service where people can book and request you to plan the vacations for them. You can either set an hourly rate or an overall price for the service depending on the time commitment and clients’ budgets.

8. Busy young professionals don’t have time to cook but still want to enjoy a delicious meal

This is not a unique business problem, but there is always demand for this kind of service. Young professionals care more about health and nutrition, and they enjoy healthy and delicious meals; however, fewer people have the time to search for meals and buy ingredients. As a high school student, you have some free time in addition to schoolwork. Therefore, you can offer a service to, at first, local families and local business professionals by showing off your cooking skills on Instagram and through the word of mouth.

9. People need pets for comfort and companionship

Regardless of the pandemic, people always want pets for companionship and comfort. However, numerous people don’t have the financial means or commitment to take care of a pet, because adopting a pet is a serious responsibility. In addition, certain people need to borrow animals for professional needs, such as shooting a commercial. Therefore, if you have pets or animals in the house like cats, cows, dogs, and sheep, opening a business to let people borrow animals for a short time can be beneficial. 

10. The older you are, the lonelier you get

Research has shown that people feel lonelier when they get older because they understand more about what drives the connections between people. When we are young, we make friends because we genuinely care about them, without thinking about the potential benefits our friends can bring. Using this problem, you can create a service where you offer a hang-out session or cheer-up session to lift a person’s mood. Your neighbors or people in your neighborhood can hire you to entertain, talk or be a company for an hour. This kind of service has been popular in Japan, but not in the US.

In addition to the ideas we have proposed, there are so many problems that require a solution. Perhaps, you will be the one to solve the problem! We hope that these examples will inspire you to develop your unique solution or improve on others’ ideas. 

If you are still searching for business ideas, check out our blog 6 Unique Business Ideas for High School Students. Once you have a strong business idea, learn more about starting a business in high school. If you want to bring your business idea to test, there are multiple entrepreneurship competitions to participate in, earn great prizes and highlight your resume with a unique experience! 


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