Extracurricular Activities

High School Leadership Programs

18 High School Leadership Programs 2023-2024

In addition to academic performance, participation in extracurricular activities will significantly benefit your college application profile and enrich your high school experience. One of the popular soft skills that students aim to learn and improve is leadership. This article will introduce 14 high school leadership programs for high school students from all backgrounds and cities. 

20 summer activities for high school students

20 Summer Activities for High School Students

Summer is here and if you’re looking for inspiration on what to do during the summer, keep reading! Summer is a time for relaxation, but students should also take advantage of this much-needed break to be productive and build up their college application profile. Below is the master list of 20 unique summer activities for high school students!

24 Summer Internships for High School Students

24 Summer Internships for High School Students 2023

Looking for a summer internship to kickstart your career? Discover 24 summer internships for high school students in 2023 that offer valuable hands-on experience in a range of fields. From technology to healthcare, finance to education, these internships will help you build your skills, explore your interests, and make connections in your industry of choice. Browse our list now and take the first step towards your future career!

How to write a business plan

How to Write a Business Plan

As a high school student with an interest in business and entrepreneurship, you will see the term “business plan” coming up often, in class, through extracurricular activities and in competitions. Today, we will learn how to create an effective business plan for your next business competition in high school.

How to Create a Pitch Deck

How to Create a Pitch Deck

Business competitions often require students to complete a pitch deck to propose their ideas. However, many students likely never have heard of or practiced preparing one. Today, we will provide you with a detailed guide to writing the best possible pitch deck for your next business competition. Keep reading to learn more!

6 Unique Business Ideas for High School Students

6 Unique Business Ideas for High School Students

If you are a high school student interested in creating a business and want to become an entrepreneur in the future, this is the right article for you! In this post, we will provide you with 6 unique and great business ideas that you can start today! Each can be tailored to your interests and hobbies. We have categorized this list for difficulty level, startup cost, time commitment, and potential ideas.

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