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Aralia’s Private One-On-One Tutoring Is Available to Boost Your GPA!

The school year is coming to an end, and there are only a few days left until the final exams, are you ready? Aralia is here with private one-on-one tutoring opportunities to boost your GPA. Read to learn more!

Due to the pandemic, many students are currently taking online classes at home. Students often tell our course consultants that they can’t concentrate, the course content is too difficult to understand, and they can’t find teachers after class for additional help.  

Final exam time is coming up soon! With their constant anxiety, students will have difficulty and struggle to have a comprehensive review before the big tests. But don’t worry! In response to the problems that students are facing, Aralia Education Technology is launching: Private One-on-One Tutoring GPA Booster ClassesThese classes aim to provide students with access to expert tutors, who are currently teaching in high schools and colleges across the country.  

Aralia’s One-on-One GPA Booster Classes cover every subject, from English, math, biology, physics, chemistry, to history, psychology, other social sciences as well as French, Latin, and Spanish. If you want to fill your knowledge gaps or desire to improve your grades in any subject, our subject tutors are here to help anytime.  

1. Covered Subjects

English Tutoring 

  • English Literature 
  • AP English Literature  
  • IB Language A: Literature* 
  • AP English Language 
  • IB Language A: Language and Literature* 

Science Tutoring 

  • Biology 
  • AP Biology  
  • IB Biology* 
  • Chemistry 
  • AP Chemistry 
  • IB Chemistry* 
  • Physics 
  • AP Physics 1 
  • AP Physics 2 
  • AP Physics C (Mechanics or Electricity and Magnetism) 

Foreign Language Tutoring 

  • French 
  • AP French 
  • Spanish 
  • AP Spanish 
  • Latin 
  • AP Latin 

History Tutoring 

  • US History 
  • AP US History 
  • IB History* 
  • European History 
  • World History 

Social Science Tutoring 

  • Economics 
  • AP Economics 
  • IB Economics* 
  • Psychology 
  • Sociology 

Math Tutoring 

  • Algebra 1 
  • Geometry 
  • Algebra 2 
  • Pre-Calculus  
  • Calculus 
  • AP Calculus AB & BC 
  • AP Statistics 

Computer Science Tutoring 

  • AP Computer Science Principles 
  • AP Computer Science A 

AP Capstone Tutoring 

  • AP Seminar 
  • AP Research 

*Note: All IB classes are offered for both Standard Level (SL) and High Level (HL)  

2. Classroom format

Our Private One-on-one GPA Booster Classes are not limited to knowledge review and additional tutoring of above subjects, but also can help with any issues such as:  

  • Some homework you can’t do? 
  • Need help brainstorming topics for your big final project? 
  • Need to finalize and polish a paper? 

Aralia’s tutors will answer all your questions! The class format is live online tutoring class with instructors.  

3. Our instructors

Want to know more about our instructors? Aralia’s instructors are inspired teachers and professors who are committed to student success. They are recognized in their field or are currently teaching at top high schools and/or colleges/universities in the US. Click here to learn more about our instructors  

If you prefer attending a teacher’s sample class, please contact us through the form below and we will seyou up for a demo class in the subject you are interested in. 

4. Suitable for students

Students in grades 7-12, who are currently attending an American middle school, high school, or an international school following the American curriculum and need to improve their GPA.

5. Receive feedback after each class

After each class, the teacher will send the course feedback, including course content covered, homework, and student progress. Parents and/or guardians are able to see their child’s performance and improvement progress. 

The Aralia GPA booster classes are student-centered and were created to help improve students’ GPAs by providing personalized and customizable learning plans. We match the most suitable teachers depending on each student’s specific situationThe teacher will help fill knowledge gaps for each student based on their individualized needs. This helps students overcome the learning challenges and improve their GPA, in order to lay a good academic foundation for high school or college applications! 


Begin your excellence journey today.
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Begin your excellence journey today.
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