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20 summer activities for high school students

20 Summer Activities for High School Students

Summer is here and if you’re looking for inspiration on what to do during the summer, keep reading! Summer is a time for relaxation, but students should also take advantage of this much-needed break to be productive and build up their college application profile. Below is the master list of 20 unique summer activities for high school students!
Registering for classes can be one of your summer activities

1. Participate in the Summer Pre-College Programs. If you wish to experience college life before college, summer pre-college programs will give you an immersive experience to live in college dorms, enjoy the college environment and challenge yourself with college-level coursework. Depending on the program, you will be able to earn college credits for your college degree. Participating in a Summer Pre-College program is an outstanding way to experience the college you want to go to while making progress to your college completion. 

2. Take online courses to catch up or get ahead. Many students prefer spending the summertime relaxing while taking a reduced course load to prepare ahead of time before the fall semester begins. The available course options are rather diverse, as students can take academic courses, prepare for standardized tests, or focus their energy on developing their college applications through writing competition preparation, art portfolio prep, etc. Check out Aralia’s course lists and find a course of interest! Aralia offers more than 40 classes ranging from academic courses, and college preparation to standardized test prep and competition preparation courses.  

3. Study for the standardized tests. If you’re approaching junior or senior year, you should take advantage of the available time during the summer to take standardized test classes to prepare for the upcoming SAT or ACT tests. Aralias’ test preparation classes allow students to take classes in a small group (maximum 7 people) or individually with an instructor. Whatever option works best for you academically and financially, contact us to learn more about the teachers and the class pricing.  

Hone your skills, or learn new ones

4. Learning a new language as one of the summer activities is exciting! A language is not limited to a world language, but it can be a programming language, sign language, or design language. Regardless of the language, you prefer to study, you will definitely explore various exciting findings and knowledge.  

5. Hone your soft skills: Soft skills are crucial in any stage of life, from the academic environment to the workplace. Therefore, you can spend the summer learning about leadership, communication, public speaking, writing, etc. You have various options in choosing which soft skills you prefer to improve.  

6. Stay active, by taking dance classes or joining a sports team.  

Start a side hustle or give back to the community

7. Start your own business with 6 unique business ideas tailored to your hobbies and interests. Starting a new business not only teaches you to become a financially independent person but also makes your college application outstanding.  

8. Find an internship or externship in the position and/or the field you’re interested in, to gain more experience and show the college that you’re capable of handling stress and prioritizing time.  

9. Find a summer job to save tuition money for college and understand the importance of personal finance 

10. Become a tutor for younger students at school or in your community  

11. Teach at a local or national summer camp to gain more experience working with other people and public speaking.

Prepare for college application

12. Work on your college essays: common application essays, supplemental essays, and college-related essays. Start working on these now so that during the school year, you can work on your AP classes and other standardized tests.

13. Complete your College Plan by honing your college lists, writing down college visit notes, and gathering important materials  

14. Get involved with research. During high school, you can contact professors at local colleges for participation in a research project, or faculty advisors at your school to ask for mentorship advising for your independent research project.  

15. Make college visits. During the summer, you will have some free time to plan your college visits with your family members. You can take this opportunity to explore the college environment and student culture.  

Improve extracurricular activities

16. If you’re the executive board member for any club at school, you should spend the summertime planning for next semester’s activities and events.  

17. Plan to start a new club at your school.


18. Bond with your family through participating in meaningful activities: cooking, hiking, visiting the beach, vacation, etc.  

19. Hanging out with your families and friends. You may part ways with your friends when you all go to college, so use this valuable break to catch up and nurture this friendship.

20. Keep strong mental and physical health. You won’t be able to do any summer activities without a strong health. If you are approaching your junior and senior years, it’s crucial for you to keep strong mental and physical health to make sure that you can start the school year and finish the college application strong.  

Advanced Placement Prep Courses

AP Prep courses opening in March: AP English Language, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP US History, AP Calculus. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Prep courses are a series of rigorous, college-level classes offered by Aralia. AP courses cover a wide range of subjects and are designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.


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