Intro to U.S. History

Explore the rise and fall of empires, the clash, and encounter of cultures, plagues, religious fervor, and political intrigue and war. This course aims to discover the complex interactions between Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans in different regions of North America across more than 500 years of history​.
Designed for

Students who are interested in taking American History next semester



Class format

One-on-one and small group (Max. 7 students/class)

Class Introduction

This course will help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts and themes of various periods in American history, enabling them to delve deeper into the study of American history over the course of a one-year curriculum in school.

Teacher Background
  • Over 30 years of teaching experience in American history and AP United States History at numerous top public and private high schools across the United States
  • Has many years of experience as an official exam reader for the AP U.S. History.

Upon successful completion of the course each student will have a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts and themes in each period of US History and will enable them to delve more deeply into the study of US History during a yearlong course.

Learning topics

From Christopher Columbus’ exploration to the present day in American history, we will discuss the main political, social, and economic issues of each of the 10 historical periods.

1The Beginnings of US History to the Revolutionary War
2The Revolutionary War to the Establishment of a New Nation
3The Establishment of a New Nation to the War of 1812
4Post War of 1812 to the Civil War
5The Reconstruction Era to the 20th Century
6The Beginning of the 20th Century to the Roarin’ 1920’s
7The Roarin’ 1920’s through WWII
8Post WWII through the turbulent 1960’s
9The Problematic 1970’s to the 21st Century
10The 2000’s to the Present

Students and their parents will receive brief feedback after each class regarding the student’s general participation in class. Students will also receive feedback on graded assignments via email. 

Class Schedule

10 classes, 2 hours each, 20 hours of instruction in total

2024 Summer Group Classes: Open for Registration

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