Aralia Student Wins Big at New York Times Student Review Contest

Our Aralia students have achieved significant achievements in the New York Times Student Review Contest in 2022. With a commitment to academic excellence and a passion for learning, our students have been recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions. We are thrilled to celebrate their success and look forward to seeing more of our students accomplish great things in the future.
Aralia Student Awards Summary

New York Times Student Review Contest: Out of nearly 4,000 submissions worldwide, one of our students has been named a winner in this prestigious competition, one of only nine winners worldwide. Our student is placed among the top 0.225% of all submissions. Additionally, our student Y has received Honorable Mention, placing among the top 0.725% of all submissions. These are incredible achievements for our students and a testament to their exceptional writing skills and dedication.

About the New York Times Student Review Contest

The New York Times Student Review Contest is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their critical thinking and writing skills. The competition invites students to take on the role of critics and write an original review on a creative expression topic that fits into The New York Times’ coverage categories. The categories include Architecture, Art, Books, Comedy, Dance, Fashion, Hotels, Movies, Music, Podcasts, Restaurants, Technology, Drama, TV Shows, and Video Games.

Entries must be less than 450 words (not including the title) and be original, meaning they cannot have been published previously. Students must submit their entries individually, and can only submit one piece of work.


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