New York Times Summer Reading Contest: Aralia Student Earns Honorable Mention in Week 1

One of Aralia's students achieved an Honorable Mention in the New York Times Summer Reading Contest. Learn more about this prestigious competition and how you can prepare to excel in future editions.
Aralia Student Achivement

Once again, a student from Aralia has demonstrated exceptional talent in the New York Times Summer Reading Contest, a highly regarded international writing competition. In the first week alone, they were awarded an Honorable Mention, a remarkable achievement given that only about 2% of global participants receive this recognition.

About the New York Times Summer Reading Contest

Since its inception in 2010, this annual contest has attracted thousands of student submissions from across the globe. In its initial week, the competition received 509 entries, setting a competitive tone for the following weeks. Open to students aged 13-19, the contest spans ten weeks of literary exploration and creativity.

More information on the competition is available here. Additionally, we’ve released a comprehensive guide to help students navigate the submission process for the New York Times Summer Reading Contest.

Participate in the competition with Aralia's Writing Competition Class

Interested in becoming a talented writer? Aralia offers specialized writing competition preparation classes to prepare students for upcoming competitions, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Writing Competition Aralia Education
Writing Competition

This class is offered in the summer every year. Students from 13 to 18 years old wanting to learn how to shape their written English into effective and publishable creative pieces will find this particular Writing Competition course very exciting. The class will be shown a range of tools to learn the nuances of controlled, purposeful writing, including: figurative language, effective structuring and specific forms that they will apply to their own pieces.


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