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New York Times One-Pager Challenge

The New York Times invites readers and budding writers to participate in the One-Pager Challenge. This competition encourages participants to engage deeply with stories published in The Times by crafting a one-page response that reflects their insights, creativity, and critical thinking.
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New York Times One Pager Challenge

Competition Overview

Students who are 13-19
Entry fee
December 6, 2023 to January 10, 2024
Competition Timeline
2 months after the contest has closed
Winners Announcement

Competition Details

1. Competition Track
Participants must select a story from The New York Times and craft a compelling one-page response. The responses can take various forms, including essays, personal reflections, or creative interpretations. The submissions are judged based on originality, insightfulness, and adherence to the theme.

Winners typically receive recognition in The New York Times, along with potential prizes such as subscriptions, gift cards, or other awards. The competition aims to foster a deeper connection between readers and the stories published, promoting thoughtful discourse and engagement.

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