Diamond Challenge Business Competition

Aspiring entrepreneurs will create, promote, and market a company to win over the Diamond Challenge Business Competition's judges. In this intensive format, students will conduct the business ideation process, create a business plan, conduct environmental scanning, establishing the organizational mission, vision, and value statements, create marketing and promotion strategies, write the business proposal and create a pitch-deck required by the Diamond Challenge Business Competition.

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Teacher S — Northeastern University Professor

  • Currently an undergraduate and postgraduate professor at Northeastern University, a senior MBA lecturer at Cambridge University, and SummerFuel teacher at Tufts University and Harvard University;
  • With more than ten years of teaching experience, he has helped students gain significant achievements in business, leadership, academic writing, and international relations;
  • Since 2014, he has been the judge of Northeastern University’s graduate problem-solving and case study competition, and has served on the admissions committee of the Nelson Mandela Foundation Washington Scholarship Program;
  • He received an undergraduate degree in communications, a graduate degree in management and education, and a certificate in higher education teaching strategies from Harvard University.

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Class Intro

Aspiring entrepreneurs will learn to create, promote, and market a company to win over the judges in a Business Competition. This course is designed and taught by an M.B.A. professor and judge of graduate Business Pitch competitions. Topics include the differences between start-ups and small businesses, business ideation, designing business plans, environmental scanning, raising capital, developing budgets, establishing organizational structure, marketing and promotion strategies, persuasive sales pitches, and pitch-decks.


Student Learning Outcomes: Students who complete this course will know:

  • Business Ideation Techniques
  • How to create a Business Plan
  • How to create Organizational Structure
  • How to perform a S.W.O.T. analysis
  • How to raise Capital
  • Writing Your Business Proposal
  • Deliver Persuasive Sales Pitches and Pitch-Decks

Students who are interested in business, and want to apply for business-related competitions in the United States.


After each class, the teacher will send course feedback, including course topics, homework and student progress.


12 hours of classes, 120 minutes/class

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