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SoT Economics Essay Contest

Scholar of Tomorrow is a nonprofit academic organization initiated and run by college and high school students from many regions around the world. SoT Economics Essay Contest invites students to write an essay responding to an economics question, for a chance to win prizes.
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SoT Economics Essay Contest

Competition Overview

Worldwide students that are 18 or younger , on the date of the submission deadline
30 USD / 200 RMB
Entry fee
September 1, 2024
Submission deadline
October 15, 2024
Award Announcement

Competition Details

1. Contest Topic

Students are invited to write an essay addressing this topic and the following 4 points:

Artificial Intelligence and Income Distribution: Does the continuous evolution of AI exacerbate or reduce income inequality among people?

  • Delve into how AI influences distinct groups of people in different ways. Empirical evidence and case studies are both recommended.
  • Cite a historical instance to substantiate your viewpoint – whether the apprehension surrounding technological evolution is overstated or if it genuinely leads to unemployment.
  • If you need to prove your argument, design one research setting that can help find evidence to substantiate your argument.
  • If AI indeed triggers joblessness, discuss one approach, grounded in economic theory, that could potentially address this systemic issue.

2. Scoring Rubric

  • Accurately identify and describe the origin and current situation of the problem
  • Provide a Coherent and consistent line of reasoning
  • Use at least one specific concept in Economics to support your point
  • Accurately and discuss one way to inform a solution to this problem.

3. Judges

The competition’s academic committee consists of professors and researchers from Harvard, Oxford, and East China Normal University to ensure academic authority. https://www.scholaroftomorrow.org/

4. Prizes

  • First Prize: 100 USD / 700 RMB
  • Second Prize: 50 USD / 350 RMB
  • Third Prize: 30 USD / 200RMB
  • Honorable Mention

Submission Requirements

1. Format Requirements

  • Written in English
  • Articles should be no more than 1500 words (cover page, abstract, and reference page do not count toward the word limit)
  • Title and author information should be included on the cover page
  • The abstract should be around 120- 250 words
  • In-text citations and reference pages should be careful to use proper APA formatting
  • Free of grammatical errors
  • MS Word Format only

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