Intro to Python

We are going to learn the fundamentals of Python and its most sought after applications, including data analysis, web scraping, and machine learning or other development tracks. After acquiring a good understanding of the fundamentals, we will look at various tracks and cater the course to the students' interests.

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Teacher I — Computer Science Teacher at a Top US High School, AP/IB tutor

  • He has more than 5 years of teaching experience in Computer Science in US high school
  • Has IB Computer Science teaching certificate, and can teach AP and IB computer science courses. 
  • He is able to teach foundational Computer Science and Engineering courses such as Java, Python, HTML, CSS, etc., and basic data analysis and computer programming 
  • Worked as a researcher at Florida International University and other institutions, where he was responsible for researching machine learning models, Python TextFooler models, etc. 
  • He holds an undergraduate degree from John Hopkins University and a JD degree from Emory University
Course Content
1Variables, Calculations, Strings
2Conditional Statements and Iterations
3Functions in Python and String Methods
4Data Structures, Two Dimensional Data Structures
5Projects: Matplotlib Package: Line, Scatter, Historigram
6Application: Financial Calculations
7Web Scrapping (flexible)
8Sentiment Analysis Part I (flexible)
9Sentiment Analysis Part II (flexible)
10Network Analysis (flexible)
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