Math League International Summer Challenge

Math League hosts Math Contests, aiming to encourage students to solve mathematics problems and be confident in mathematics. This year, in addition to the annual Math League International Summer Tournament, the competition also holds annual Math League International Summer Challenge (online) this year!
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Math League

Competition Overview

Grade 3 to Grade 12
Entry fee
August 18, 2024
Contest Date

Competition Details

1. Eligibility
This competition is open to students in grade 3 to 12 

2. Competition Level

Competition will have 7 different levels of challenges each with its own questions:

  1. Grade 3
  2. Grade 4
  3. Grade 5
  4. Grade 6
  5. Grade 7
  6. Grades 8 and 9
  7. Grades 10, 11, and 12

Each level will participate in two contests: A 10-question Short Answer Contest (60 minutes) and a 60-question Speed Round Contest (45 minutes).

3. Competition Time
The contests for all grades will be held on Sunday, August 18, 2024, from 1 to 3 PM Eastern Time (New York City Time).

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