Math Competition Preparation for AMC10

The course helps students fill in the knowledge gaps required for the AMC10 competitions. Students will learn the problem-solving strategies of AMC10 and AMC12. Via practice questions, real exam questions from past years, students will be more confident and prepared for the upcoming competitions.

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Teacher C — Mathematical Competition Coach

  • Teacher C is a mathematics competition coach with years of teaching experience.
  • He has taught high school students in geometry, AP calculus, etc. Besides high school students, he also teaches mathematics for college students
  • He received a master’s degree in Mathematics from Tufts University
  • When he was in college, he was admitted as an elite student by MIT and participated in many abstract mathematics lectures and linguistics seminars at MIT.
Class Intro

Many Top Colleges require AMC scores as part of the college application. This is a Complete prep course for AMC10 and a partial prep course for AMC12. The course will close any gaps in knowledge required for the AMC10 exam, in addition to discussing test strategies for taking the exam. The focus is on approaches and methods via examples and exercises in the textbooks, in addition to working on exam problems from past years. The final exam will be a timed test, simulating an actual AMC10 exam.

Textbook: The Art of Problem Solving, Volume 1: The Basics. ISBN: 978-0-9773045-6-1


Improved foundational knowledge and its application to solving creative problems, in addition to learning strategy, and building one’s confidence for AMC10, and/or AMC12. More importantly, a better understanding of the interconnectedness between Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, Counting and Probability. You will become a better problem-solver.

Course Content




Review: 21, 22


Word Problems: 3, 4


Quadratics: 2, 6


Number Theory: 5, 7


Circles/Polygons: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Areas/Triangles: 14, 15


Coordinates: 16, 17


3D Geometry/Transformation: 18,19


Sequences & Series: 24


Counting & Probability: 25, 26


A Potpourri of Geometry and Problems: 20, 29


Mock Test Analysis


Students in grade 10 and below who have basic algebra 1 and geometry knowledge. Students are not required to have a calculus background. Very suitable for students who are currently taking Algebra 2 and Precalculus.


After each class, the teacher will send course feedback, including course topics, homework and student progress.


12 hours of classes, 120 minutes/class

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