Introduction to Psychology

This course is an introduction to Psychology - what many describe as the science of the mind and behavior, concerned with how and why human beings do what they do. In some ways, this course is like a tasting menu at a fancy restaurant – you get the opportunity to try various aspects of various disciplines of this fascinating science and see which one(s) excites you. This course allows you to learn the basics in each of the major branches of psychology today.

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Teacher S — Psychology Professor

  • Currently a Psychology professor at Post University. She has more than 10 years of undergraduate and graduate teaching experience, and is the supervisor of the master’s program in  Psychological Counseling
  • Her research field focuses on domestic violence, women, and children trauma treatment, etc.;
  • She has many years of clinical psychology consulting experience, has served as a psychotherapist for adults and adolescents in various community mental health;
  • She received an LCPC-C license (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor) 
  • Because of her dedication in the field and numerous volunteer service, she has won multiple awards from the U.S. Army and regional non-profit organizations;
  • She received a doctorate in clinical psychology from California Southern University summa cum laude.
Class Intro

This course is designed to be an introduction to the science and profession of psychology. The course will assist students in the development of a foundation of basic knowledge in order to pursue further studies in specific areas of psychology. The course will introduce several topics such as neuroscience, learning, memory, sensation and perception, personality, lifespan development, intelligence, abnormal psychology and related therapies, stress and health, psychological disorders, social psychology, and research methods. Case examples and stimulating learning activities will be employed to make the study of psychology come alive to help students better understand themselves and the people around them.


After completing the course, students are expected to reach the following goals:

  • Explain the role of biological, psychological, social, and cultural determinants on behavior.
  • Apply concepts and generate examples of psychological science to everyday life situations.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of a psychology topic of choice through a class presentation.
Course Content




General Introduction to Psychology




Developmental psychology


Developmental psychology


Learning and Memory


Learning and Memory


Thinking and Intelligence


Thinking and Intelligence


Abnormal psychology


Abnormal psychology


Social Psychology


Social Psychology


Students who are interested in psychology and don’t have formal education in the field


After each class, the teacher will send course feedback, including course topics, homework and student progress.


15 hours of classes, 90 minutes/class

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