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In this John Locke Essay Competition Prep course, students will learn the ins and outs of essay writing, in preparation for entering the competition. We offer prep classes in three categories: Junior, History, and Law. Students will choose one topic, compose an original thesis and argument, and write an essay for submission. Students will engage in a guided analysis of primary and secondary sources, develop critical thinking skills, and discover interesting insights. In addition to the group lecture classes, students will receive guidance on their individual projects from the instructor, in one-on-one sessions.

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The John Locke Essay Competition Prep course has three different sections: Junior, Law, and History tailored to student’s needs. Each session will assist students with writing an essay in response to one question in the list provided by the Institute. 

The John Locke Institute encourages young people to cultivate the characteristics of great writers: independent thought, depth of knowledge, clear reasoning, critical analysis, and persuasive style. Students are challenged to explore a wide range of questions beyond their school’s curriculum. In 2021, one of our students was successfully shortlisted in John Locke Essay Competition – History category. 

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