medical career for high school

How to Prepare for a Medical Career as a High School Student

Are you thinking about pursuing a medical career in high school but not sure how to prepare for it and enhance your chances of gaining college admission? In this article, we will provide some strategies to help you prepare for a medical career in high school because for a career like medicine, it’s beneficial to know and start as early as possible so that you can take critical steps towards achieving your goals.

11 Books by Women of Color for High School Students

11 Books by Women of Color for High School Students

Talents of the future live in such a vibrant world full of colors and richness. Besides experiencing diversity and inclusion in their daily lives, students are encouraged to seek and reflect human diversity, from race and ethnicity to socioeconomic status, sexual diversity, and other areas. Today, we will present you with perfect books by women of color discussing various aspects of human diversity through their unique lens and viewpoint. Let’s get started!

High School Leadership Programs

18 High School Leadership Programs 2023-2024

In addition to academic performance, participation in extracurricular activities will significantly benefit your college application profile and enrich your high school experience. One of the popular soft skills that students aim to learn and improve is leadership. This article will introduce 14 high school leadership programs for high school students from all backgrounds and cities. 

personal finance

Guide to Personal Finance for High School Students

Personal Finance is an unfamiliar term for most high school students since their schools don’t teach them specifically about this topic. Personal finance is an important subject that will have a significant impact on your life in the short run – once you attend college, and in the long run – once you graduate from college. Having a strong understanding of personal finance will help you better manage, save and invest for your future.

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