Business Research

This class is for students who are prepping to enter higher education with the hope of pursuing a research field in the context of business research. This course is taught by a scholar-practitioner who has extensive teaching and research experience at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. Under the guidance of the professor, students will write a 15-page paper on business research topics; examples of research topics: The global impact of the “Belt and Road” initiative, China's 1989 economic reform, How social media makes the world global, Sino-US trade war and more

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Business Research – Tutor Intro

Teacher S — Northeastern University Professor

  • Currently an undergraduate and postgraduate professor at Northeastern University, a senior MBA lecturer at Cambridge University, and SummerFuel teacher at Tufts University and Harvard University;
  • With more than ten years of teaching experience, he has helped students gain significant achievements in business, leadership, academic writing, and international relations;
  • Since 2014, he has been the judge of Northeastern University’s graduate problem-solving and case study competition, and has served on the admissions committee of the Nelson Mandela Foundation Washington Scholarship Program;
  • He received an undergraduate degree in communications, a graduate degree in management and education, and a certificate in higher education teaching strategies from Harvard University.

Class Intro

Group courses will introduce commonly used methods in social science research. Students will learn new concepts, research methods, and applications of research and evaluation; learn how to analyze research critically; and propose an appropriate research project to illustrate important issues. One-to-one courses will help students write a research paper on a topic of interest. 

Students will learn research methods and structures, how to use theoretical frameworks, develop research questions, and the correct APA citation format. 

After completing this course, students will have an 8-15 page research paper, receive a recommendation letter from the teacher, and a certificate of completion from Aralia Education.

  • Completed an original 15-page research paper.
  • Developed an original intellectual position, effectively defined and argued it.
  • One recommendation letter from the teacher.
  • 1 final academic report from the teacher.
  • 1 Aralia Research Program Certificate.
Course Content




Overview of the course syllabus


Basics of Research

Roadmap of the project

Academic/Scholarly Writing


Purpose of Study

Identifying a problem of practice selection of the research topic

Establishing rationale and significance from exploring research problems and questions


Theoretical Frameworks

Choosing a theoretical framework to guide your study

Rationale and application of the theoretical framework to research


How to Conduct a Literature review

Primary and secondary sources

Acceptable sources for academic research

Proper APA Citations for academic research


Research design

Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative Analysis

Philosophical Approaches

Data Collection Methods and Protocols

Surveys, Questionnaires, Interviews, Case Studies


Data Analysis

Analysis and Coding

Small N- and large N-analysis

Identifying Themes and Future Research Opportunities


High school students who are interested in business, marketing, communication, and want to publish a business research paper. 


After each class, the teacher will send course feedback, including course topics, homework and student progress.


15 hours of classes, including 9 hours of group classes (90 minutes/class/week), and 6 hours of one-on-one classes (60 minutes/class, scheduled after group sessions are completed) 

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