National Spanish Exam Preparation

Join our National Spanish Exam Preparation Class and unlock opportunities for recognition and scholarships. Join our personalized one-on-one course to master Spanish language proficiency and achieve your goals.
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National Spanish Exam

Class format


Class Introduction

This class is designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the National Spanish Exam (NSE). Our one-on-one approach ensures that students receive personalized guidance to maximize their potential and excel in the National Spanish Exam. 

  • Master content standards, including vocabulary and grammar essential for the National Spanish Exam.
  • Improve reading and listening comprehension skills
  • Gain confidence and proficiency in using the Spanish language effectively.
  • Be well-prepared to compete in the NSE
Class Structure

Approximately 10-30 hours of one-on-one sessions, with the option to adjust the hours depending on the student’s specific situation and needs.


Students and their parents will receive brief feedback after each class regarding the student’s general participation in class. Students will also receive feedback on graded assignments via email. 

2024 Summer Group Classes: Open for Registration

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