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Aralia Education’s students were accepted to the Top 30 High Schools in the US!

Aralia Education’s students were accepted several of the Top 30 High Schools in the US!
This year, Aralia Education assisted students by providing enrichment class offerings for students to increase their knowledge and abilities in varied areas. We’re excited to share with you the results today!
Congratulations to the students of Aralia Education who received admission from top 30 High Schools in the U.S! Boarding High School Admissions
  • Choate Rosemary Hall
  • Deerfield Academy
  • Milton Academy
  • Middlesex School
  • Brooks School
  • Blair Academy
  • Miss Porter’s School
  • St. George’s School
Junior Boarding School Admissions
  • Bement School
  • Cardigan Mountain School
  • Rumsey Hall School

All the students who participated in Aralia Education’s online classes have strict requirements for themselves. While completing their schoolwork, they also take advantage of other resources like our online courses to improve their academic performance while increasing their knowledge and soft skills.  

Under the leadership of the teachers at Aralia Education, the students who obtained admissions from top schools mainly participated in the following online courses:

  1. Computer Science through Programming
  2. History Research
  3. Writing Competition
  4. Public Speaking and Debate
  5. Introduction to Chapbook Making
  6. Art Portfolio Preparation

These online courses help students adapt to the rigorous academic life at boarding schools. At the same time, students also explored hobbies, enhanced their competitive advantages in school applications, and laid a good foundation for their development in high school, university, and eventual career.

Now, let’s review 3 cases from these outstanding students!

Case 1: Long-term training of writing + research

A student’s writing ability is very important when applying for high school, especially among the top 30 boarding high schools. However, improvement of English writing cannot be achieved overnight, but requires a long period of training and improvement. So, how have students gradually improved and demonstrated their writing ability to the admission officers?

Student H

Schools admitted to: Milton Academy and Middlesex School

Student experience with Aralia classes: During the two-month summer history research program, H tailored his history topic choice and completed writing the historical research paper. At the end of the course, he conducted a paper defense.

In addition to the historical research program, H also participated in the Creative Writing competition program before entering the planning stage of the application season. Under the leadership of Aralia’s writing teacher, he completed several creative writing pieces. He further delved himself into writing novels, essays, poems, and other topics. He received guidance from one of Aralia’s instructors in preparation for the Scholastic Writing Competition in 2020. Finally, he won the State Honorable Mention Award in the 2020 Scholastic Writing Competition, adding this unique point to his application.

Case 2: Special improvement in writing, earning an internationally recognized award.

Student L

Schools admitted to: Deerfield Academy and St. George’s School

Student experience with Aralia classes: Student L also participated in the Creative Writing competition program from April to June. Over the course of two months, L gained experience in creative writing techniques, and his poems earned him the 2020 State Gold Key Award in the Scholastic Writing Competition. This award became a highlight of his application materials.

Case 3: Improve Reading + Speech + Comprehensive abilities

In terms of academics, the student’s reading, writing, and public speaking skills were areas of weakness. The student was recommended to invest long-term into improving these skills on top of their already strong STEM abilities.

Student E

Schools admitted to: Miss Porter’s School and Dana Hall School

Student experience with Aralia classes: The family of E has emphasized great importance to the cultivation of her English reading, writing, and speaking skills. These are the cornerstones of transitioning into the American high school system. Student E participated in Aralia’s Public speaking and debate project, the intensive reading and writing program focused on “The Great Gatsby”, and used the summer vacation before the application season to do a sprint to increase her English reading, writing, and public speaking skills.

Additionally, student E participated in the Introduction to Chapbook Making class to further improve her English skills, under the leadership of one of Aralia’s writing teachers. The student’s works showed creativity and unique thinking, but were in need of huge improvement over her baseline level.

Online Class Tutoring
The new year’s application for boarding schools and universities is about to begin. How can I build my competitive advantage in applications like the students above? We’d like to introduce our outstanding signature online courses students can consider:  Suitable for students in Grades 7-11, who would like to increase their knowledge and abilities in varied subject areas or need to improve their academic performance and soft skills for boarding school or college applications.  Check out our summer class schedule


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