New York Times Tiny Memoir Contest

The New York Times invites all junior and senior high school students to write a memoir in less than 100 words that is very meaningful to each person. This can be a special situation, a scene, or a meaningful event. New York Times hopes to hear unique stories from the "young writers" in their own words. The judges hope to see how the "young authors" solve a problem in this short story and see the larger meaning behind the story.
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New York Times Tiny Memoir Contest

Competition Overview

Students ages 13 to 19 around the world
Entry fee
October 4, 2023 to November 1, 2023
Contest date
January 17, 2024
Results and winners are notified

Competition Details

1. Eligibility
This contest is open to students ages 13 to 19 in middle school or high school worldwide (high school postgraduate students who haven’t enrolled in a college can apply). Students attending their first year of a two-year CEGEP in Quebec Province can also participate.  If students are directly related to New York Times employees or live in the same household as those employees are not eligible to enter this contest. 

2. Competition Topic
Can you tell a meaningful and interesting true story from your life in just 100 words?

3. Results
The results will be announced on January 17, 2024

4. Prizes
Having your work published on The Learning Network and being eligible to be chosen to have your work published in the print editions of The New York Times.

How Will Your Work Be Judged?

The narrative tells a short but memorable story about a life experience and communicates some larger meaning or universal message.

The narrative uses vivid details and images to make the story come alive for the reader. The writing avoids clichés.

The narrative demonstrates a unique
personal voice, style, and point of view. The story is fresh and original. 

The narrative presents a clear conflict, an obstacle, problem, or tension that is resolved in some way.

Entry follows all contest rules and guidelines. 

Submission Details

All entries must be submitted by November 1, 2023 at 11:59pm

1. Word Limit
100 words (not counting title). 

2. Individual/Group Submission
Students must work alone and submit one entry per student. 

3. Submission Requirement
As part of your submission, you must also submit an “artist’s statement” that describes your process. Students are asked to reflect on what they did and why, what was difficult in order for the team to improve their contests and the curriculum to support students. 

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