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AP Art History

This AP Art History Preparation Class is designed for high school students who are passionate about art and are seeking to excel in the AP Art History exam. The course offers a comprehensive overview of art history, spanning from prehistoric times to contemporary art.
Class Introduction

This course is designed for students planning to take the AP Art History Exam. Students will explore major works of art, architectural masterpieces, and cultural artifacts, gaining a deep understanding of their historical significance. Through engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on activities, students will be able to analyze and compare works of art. 


Upon completing the course, students can expect to achieve the following goals:

  • Analyze major works of art within their historical, cultural, and social contexts.
  • Be able to identify and describe the techniques, materials, and processes used in art creation.  
  • Prepare students for the format, content, and expectations of the AP Art History exam.

Students and their parents will receive brief feedback after each class, regarding the student’s general participation in class. Students will also receive feedback on graded assignments via email. 

2024 Summer Group Classes: Open for Registration

scoring worksheet

FREE 2024 AP Scoring Worksheet

With the scoring worksheet, you will be able to calculate your target score in preparation for the upcoming exam in May. We also have a full scoring worksheet available  below if you want to print it out and keep it in your folder. 
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