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AP Microeconomics

The purpose of the AP Exam prep course is to equip students with knowledge and skills to excel in the upcoming AP Microeconomics exam. During the course, students will cultivate a profound understanding of economic concepts and principles. Additionally, they will develop the ability to define, analyze, and explain economic principles and models with clarity and precision.
Designed for

Students who are preparing for the AP Microeconomics exam


All levels

Class format

One-on-one and small group (Max. 7 students/class)

Class introduction

The AP Microeconomics Prep Class is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel on the upcoming AP Microeconomics exam. 

Throughout the course, students will explore a range of economic concepts, including supply and demand, market structures, consumer behavior, production and cost, and market failure and the role of government. Using real-world examples and case studies, students will learn to define, analyze, and explain economic principles and models. The class will incorporate various interactive activities such as discussions, group work, and independent research projects. These activities aim to foster critical thinking skills and the ability to apply economic concepts to real-world situations.

The class will be led by a seasoned AP Microeconomics teacher. The teacher will provide students with a comprehensive review of the exam material, along with valuable test-taking strategies and tips to optimize their performance on exam day.

  • Gain the knowledge and techniques necessary to achieve their desired score on the AP Microeconomics exam.
  • Practice and refine their skills in quickly comprehending exam questions. They will become adept at identifying key information, analyzing prompts, and formulating accurate and concise responses.

Students and their parents will receive brief feedback after each class regarding the student’s general participation in class. Students will also receive feedback on graded assignments via email. 

Need to prepare?

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scoring worksheet

FREE 2024 AP Scoring Worksheet

With the scoring worksheet, you will be able to calculate your target score in preparation for the upcoming exam in May. We also have a full scoring worksheet available  below if you want to print it out and keep it in your folder. 
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